Personal Wellness Coaching

The Ally You Need to Succeed

Get one-to-one accountability, guidance, and support from Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach Jason Gootman.

Jason’s Approach

How Jason Works

Jason uses evidence-based approaches to nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, holistic wellness, and, most importantly, lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation.


What You Get

You make progress toward and eventually achieve your wellness goals, and you develop a set of sustainable self-care practices you’ll have for the rest of your life.

Specific Benefits

Lose weight and keep it off
Reverse or prevent type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other ailments
Permanently overcome yo-yo dieting
Permanently overcoming emotional eating
Form self-care habits that truly stick
Add years to your life and life to your years


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How Personal Wellness Coaching with Jason Works


Jason will be your ally every step of the way.


You’ll work with Jason for six months. You’ll have hour-long wellness sessions (in-person or via Zoom) once, twice, or four times a month, depending on your needs and budget.


You’ll have an ongoing conversation with Jason about your wellness challenges and goals.


You and Jason will work together to make ever-evolving wellness plans for you that are tied to your values, interests, and strengths. Everything will be completely tailored to you.


You'll receive a fully personalized wellness plan after each wellness session with Jason. It'll include a meal plan, a workout plan, and a holistic self-care plan as is helpful to you. It'll also include an accountability plan to help you stay on track.


Jason will check in with you between wellness sessions, and he’ll welcome your calls, texts, and e-mails anytime. If you have a question, if you’re struggling, or if you want to share a big or small success, Jason wants to hear from you.

The Puvema Way

A New Wellness Paradigm

We take a remarkably refreshing approach to helping you make lifestyle improvements.

The Messed-Up Way

“I know what I need to do: I need to eat less (because I’m a gluttonous pig) and move more (because I’m a lazy sloth).”

The Puvema Way

Nourishing food, nourishing movement, nourishing life!

The Difference
That Makes the Difference

First, you don’t have to be hard on yourself to motivate yourself. In fact, doing so doesn’t usually work very well, and it tends to feel terrible at the same time. Self-care isn’t about doing things to yourself; it’s about doing things for yourself. Second, wellness isn’t only about nutrition and exercise. It’s holistic. At Puvema, we focus on taking great care of ourselves by proactively meeting most of our needs most of the time. We focus on nourishing ourselves holistically.

The Messed-Up Way

“If it tastes good, it’s bad for you; if it tastes bad, it’s good for you.”

The Puvema Way

“It tastes good, and it’s good for you; it’s good for you, and it tastes good.”

The Difference
That Makes the Difference

You don’t have to choose between enjoying food and achieving your wellness goals. At Puvema, we focus on finding the intersection of effectiveness and enjoyment. We get the long-term benefits of taking great care of ourselves, and we thoroughly enjoy the process.

The Messed-Up Way

“No pain, no gain.”

The Puvema Way

“No pain, all gain.”

The Difference
That Makes the Difference

You don’t have to do exercise you hate in order to achieve your wellness goals. At Puvema, we focus on finding the intersection of effectiveness and enjoyment. We get the long-term benefits of taking great care of ourselves, and we thoroughly enjoy the process.

The Messed-Up Way

one-size-fits-all, quick-fix weight-loss scheme | noun | a money-making scheme sold to you by a weight-loss charlatan and snake-oil salesperson that positions you as a sucker, and in short order leaves you exactly where you were, but poorer, and feeling like a failure, again

The Puvema Way

authentic wellness approach | noun | an evidence-based approach to wellness offered to you by an intelligent, caring wellness professional that helps you cultivate sustained wellness, as well as sustained weight loss if you have weight to lose, and is a true investment in yourself that leaves you feeling terrific, both inside and outside

The Difference
That Makes the Difference

Unfortunately, one-size-fits-all, quick-fix weight-loss schemes are everywhere. At Puvema, we take an authentic, humanistic approach to wellness focused on truly thriving.

The Messed-Up Way

diet | noun | a one-size-fits-all, quick-fix, dogmatic system of eating based on exclusion and restriction, done to lose weight quickly and/or gain a sense of control in your life, that fosters yo-yo dieting, weight cycling, and/or a dysfunctional relationship with food, and leaves you feeling like a failure and like you’re constantly battling with food

The Puvema Way

anti-diet (attuned eating) | noun | a personal and natural system of eating based on enjoyment and nourishment, done as self-care, that fosters sustained wellness, as well as sustained weight loss if you have weight to lose, and leaves you feeling in harmony with yourself

The Difference
That Makes the Difference

Unfortunately, toxic-vapid diet culture harms millions of people every day. At Puvema, we employ the perfect antidote: attuned eating. We practice eating–and living–in harmony with ourselves.

The Messed-Up Way

“Just do it.”

The Puvema Way

People successfully make lifestyle improvements when they use evidence-based approaches to lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation. People successfully make lifestyle improvements when they have robust accountability, guidance, and support.

The Difference
That Makes the Difference

Unfortunately, there are a lot of pervasive pop-psychology myths going around. At Puvema, we rely on evidence-based approaches to lasting behavior improvement and positive habit formation, and we never go it alone. We go it together. Because wellness starts with “we”.

Implementation Gap

Turning Knowledge and Good Intentions into Action, Habits, and Results

Most people know a lot about what they need to do to take great care of themselves and thrive. And many people struggle to consistently do so. This is the exact problem we solve.


Jason’s Expertise

Jason has extensive training and experience and works in all of these areas:


Real People, Real Stories, Real Success

Here’s what people have to say about The Puvema Way.

Jason is an exceptional wellness coach. Jason and I started working together over a year ago. Since working with him, my overall mental, physical and spiritual health as improved tremendously. Jason helped me understand that there are numerous ways a person can achieve their wellness goals and that it can be a journey across multiple areas. That was just want I needed to hear and learn more about. Jason took the time to get to know me, understand my goals, what motivates me and what my challenges were at the time. He created a plan that met me where I was and he adjusted the pace in challenging yet achievable ways as I grew stronger mentally, physically and spiritually. I learned several techniques to overcome what I now refer to as as short term obstacles. With Jason’s help, I now lead a more fulfilling and healthier life. Thank you for helping me become an all around better version of myself! You are such a remarkable person and wellness coach!

April Danile

I want to thank Jason for the incredible coaching he gave me over past 6 months. The first few sessions were about my goals, mainly nutrition, and how to achieve them. He didn’t just tell me what to do but gave me the tools that worked best for me and worked with me along the way to make adjustments and help me be accountable, but in a loving supporting way. He helped me to break down what seemed to be overwhelming challenges by taking small steps. He worked with me to gradually reduce my sugar intake and get me off of sugary snacks as well as helped to develop and implement more challenging workouts. As of today I have lost 15 lb, which I know isn’t alot, but that was accomplished over the winter months and during a grueling work schedule that requires 100% travel and 60 -80 hour work weeks (making it difficult to maintain a consistent exercise routine and limiting healthy diet choices.) I expect I will continue to lose weight now over the summer months. I’ve noticed that my clothes are fitting looser and I seem to be developing more upper body strength and tone. Jason takes a non-judgmental, individualized approach. His guidance was always on point and more importantly realistic. Jason’s energy, commitment and passion for helping others is a breath of fresh air. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a wellness coach. And most importantly he is one of the most genuine and kind human beings I have ever encountered.

Rob Hinton

I highly recommend Jason. In the past I’ve always been able to lose weight but keeping it off was always challenging. I’m one chocolate chip cookie away from a binge. With Jason’s coaching, I have developed habits that allow me to enjoy the foods that I like in moderation. And just today I found out that I’m only 5 pounds away from my stretch weight goal. I’ve been on my own for almost 2 months now after my coaching sessions ended and I’m still practicing the strategies that I learned from him with success! Truthfully, I was skeptical that he could help me, but was I ever wrong about that!

Peter Palermo

Jason has provided wellness coaching to me for the past year and I could not exaggerate the impact it has had on my health and wellness. First, I will provide the factual results of that coaching:

* 20 pound weight loss
* Strengh workout example: started with squats with 10 lb dumbells, up to 175 lb on barbell
* Running example: started at 2 miles at 10 minute pace, last week ran 3.6 miles at 8:31 pace
* Cholestorol down 60 points at last doctor’s visit
* several inches off waist, stomach and chest measurements (e.g. waist 38 to 35.5)

Subjectively, Jason promotes sustainable eating habits – foods closest to the Earth, foods you like, no manic diets – and healthy workouts – exercise you like and will therefore stick with over time. He also worked with me on creating a better balance of work and life, freeing up more time to do things I enjoy and eat and exercise sustainably.

For anyone who truly wants to change their health profile for the better permanently, I recommend without any reservation Jason as a wellness coach.

Bruce Pomfret

During my wellness sessions with Jason we often talked about the need to stop doing what isn’t working. I had done every fad diet, yo-yo, crash, and many other unhealthy attempts at losing weight. Jason truly understood my patterns, and what I needed to do to refocus and succeed on my health journey. I am beyond grateful for Jason and his expertise!

Trinity Baker

Highly recommend. Jason is intuitive, compassionate and sincere and seeks to understand and aid in treating underlying causes. He creates an atmosphere where you gain confidence and with his guidance, learn how to take ownership of your own well being.

Spring Dill

I already knew about healthy eating and exercising and was completely aware that I was not doing either. However, I couldn’t make myself do what I needed to do, especially for the long term. I’d do well for a day or three, then go right back to my sugar addiction, bad sleep habits and infrequent exercising.

After telling myself for 30 years that I needed to get healthy before it was too late, I finally realized that I was never going to do it on my own, and that too late was right around the corner. I was already experiencing joint pain, higher LDL levels and just hated the weight I was carrying around. It was a leap of faith to engage Jason’s services and pay the money with no guarantees on my end that I would stick to a plan, even with help.

Thankfully, Jason works with each individual according to their needs and helps them discover the strategies that work best for them. He always encourages, celebrates small wins and understands that no one is perfect all the time, but that a stumble is by no means a fail. With his help, I was able to get past those first difficult weeks that make diet and habit change so prone to failure. It is worth having somebody to be accountable to, who you also know will never shame you– only encourage you and seek to find a better solution if something isn’t working out well. I needed his help to accept that instant gratification wasn’t possible, and that slow, almost invisible improvement is still improvement that will snowball to become exactly what I wanted to achieve. After all, time passes anyway and it may as well be used to get where you want to go instead of just wishing for something and watching the years roll by with no improvement whatsoever.

After 6 months of working with him, I’ve lost 25 of the 50lbs that I wanted to lose and have acquired habits that will help me lose the next 25 – hopefully on my own, but I know that Jason is always there if I need more help. I already enjoy the feeling of being lighter and more energetic every day, which is a great motivator to keep at it. Without Jason, however, I’d never have gotten anywhere (I’d already spent years proving that) and I am very grateful for his help.

Loretta Griffin

Jason instilled in me very profound wisdom that has undoubtedly changed my life. He is patient and knowledgeable and if you are open to the journey, he will help you become the best version of yourself.

I first met Jason in 2009 when I was a 24 year old kid with lots of ambition and little to no understanding of sports nutrition and performance. With Jason’s coaching and guidance I reached the finish line of several Boston marathons and Ironman triathlons, both of which I previously thought were impossible. Jason and I worked together for several years and our relationship eventually morphed into wellness coaching.

As a typical overachiever, the more I participated in races, the more I fell victim to the stress of success. The thrill of crossing the finish line never quenched my thirst, but instead left me wanting more. What started out as a new hobby and personal challenge quickly became another rat race of never ending achievement. Having less time and a growing family was just another challenge I had to push through. The grind was a daily event with attendance mandatory to those who wanted success. No pain, no gain, or so I thought.

Jason challenged my finish line mindset and showed me that there is another way to keep score in life. What if self-care and self-reflection weren’t weaknesses, but strengths? Instead of living like a racehorse with blinders on, Jason helped open my eyes to slowing down, being present, and actually smelling the roses along the way. The journey truly is the reward. You can enjoy it, have fun, and thrive each and every day.

This wisdom is contagious and has made me a better husband, father, friend, and advisor to my own clients. I’m grateful to Jason for his coaching and for guiding me towards the path of living my best life.

Bobby Walczak

Jason has been instrumental in helping me become not only more aware but more accountable for my own wellness.

His knowledge of the current state of healthcare made the process of my moving into a healthier plan of wellness both understandable and attainable. Not formidable. Jason continues to make himself available and in so doing, I have the confidence for future continued success.

Thank you ever so much Jason;

Phyllis Worthley

I’m incredibly grateful for Jason’s coaching.

I always thought that exercise and eating right was all I had to do. I know now that there is so much more to true wellness. Jason has helped me figure that out. He has helped me learn to take great care of myself in many ways.

We work together to come up with strategies to help me reach my goals in health and wellness. No matter the situation (family issues, work issues, other challenges), we talk about what’s going on, come up with some options, and create an action plan to help me keep moving forward. Jason is a wealth of knowledge and often shares valuable information I wouldn’t have thought of on my own, and he’s always there to support me.

Jason has really helped me to balance my life in all areas. I have grown more than I ever could’ve imagined over the years, and I feel like for me it wasn’t all that hard to do. That’s in big part to Jason’s help.

Lisa D’Amato

I can’t recommend Jason Gootman HIGHLY enough!

Initially you may think of Jason as a Nutrition Coach but the service he provides is really so much more than that. I was very impressed by our first consult and his whole approach the entire time we worked together, and the best part is that Jason truly cares about your wellbeing and success. If you’re thinking now is the time to hire a Wellness Coach, and honestly even if you’re not or are unsure, I’d have 100% confidence in hiring Jason. He’ll change your life!

Randy Forcier

My husband has known Jason for over a decade in a coaching role. The knowledge and gains he has made are remarkable and I felt like I was missing out! Jason has the outlook on life that we all strive for – glass half full, always sees the ray of sunshine peaking through on a cloudy day. He has learned tools to help keep the negative at bay and live a full life. These are the tools I was desperate for! As a mother to young girls I almost completely lost my identity. Jason taught me that being selfish is NOT a bad thing, and if I take care of myself then I can better take care of the people around me. In the year that I worked with Jason I have found passion and hobbies and have done things I never dreamed I could do. He is kind of like the good guy on your shoulder who always chirps the right things in your ear. What I learned from Jason was so incredibly valuable and I highly recommend him as a coach.

Lauren Walczak

I had the pleasure connecting with Jason via LinkedIn through the UC alumni group back in Oct/Nov 2021. I had no idea a little curiosity from a post he had about wellness coaching would lead me to an amazing 6 months of personalized coaching with Jason! In the world we live in now it comes as no surprise to say that everyone can benefit having a wellness coach! The experience was insightful personal and very rewarding and with Jason’s excellent coaching I was able to lose nearly 40lbs and counting! I’ve accepted the imperfect perfections of life and am able to process how wellness really brings a balance in everything in my life and am forever grateful working with Jason to have me recognize that and continue to pursue wellness balance in my life. I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for a wholistic experience to wellness health in body spirit and mind!

Ama Day

Being a ‘repeat customer’ of Jason’s was acknowledgement enough that he was my FIRST choice for ongoing support for my wellness goals when I needed a ‘booster’ shot of support . I saw Jason over the course of two years in two separate rounds of sessions. After seeking help from a multitude of exercise and nutrition professionals over the course of 40 years, Jason was the first one to help me understand that there was nothing wrong with me that needed ‘fixing’ ! I am at the point in life where it’s time to enjoy the fruits* of my labors and relish* ( *puns intended) in all that life has to offer . With Jason’s excellent listening and reflecting skills, he helped me to overcome my misperceptions about my body size/shape/weight and helped me to ACCEPT MYSELF AS I AM ! That, in my opinion, is the biggest gift anyone could possibly give to another human . I highly recommend Jason for anyone who needs guidance in achieving their life wellness goals.

Alicia Greenwald

Jason is a great health coach and really helped me get into the mindset of “thriving” with my wellness goals. . He really put my needs first and then helped me devise a plan to overcome some of my roadblocks.

He has an empathetic ear and strives to give practical and empowering suggestions. He was able to fit into my schedule and we had meaningful sessions via Zoom. I highly recommend Jason if you are looking to get over some of your wellness hurdles.

Chukwudike C-Madu

Jason has been an essential part of my personal health and wellness journey. A little over a year ago I was diagnosis with type 2 Diabetes. Our journey together reduce my A1C from 9.4 to 5.7. About a month ago I had a minor stroke. Jason reminded me that had we not done this work it could have been far worse. I am recovering nicely and look towards Jason’s continued coaching to get back to 100%. You owe it to yourself and your family to consult with Jason! He has changed my life!

Chris Wallace

Do Yo-Yo diets get you down? Sick of avoiding all carbs for 6 months then gaining all your weight back by winter. Wish you could have a happy, healthy, balanced life, while still enjoying the “finer” things? Has your doctor said it is time for some unpronounceable medication to help you “control” some number you have been advised to watch?

This is where Jason Gootman can help you. He is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, he does thing a little differently. Do you need an accountability partner? Jason. Do you need a cheerleader? Jason. Do you wonder who can work with you to make direct changes in your daily habits to form life altering, beneficial, sustainable practices to leave the meds behind? Jason. He will coach you; he will guide you and he will educate you to what will work for you. He is not a slave to a “system” but more the evangelist of great ideas and health.

If you are in serious need of a life change to get your “numbers” in check… then Jason is the guy. I was in the diabetic range with my A1C and with Jason’s help I was back in the green in less than 90 days. He is flexible and can work around your schedule, comfort level, and budget. Call him.

Jim Keenan

I began working with Jason this past winter when I had reached my all-time highest weight of 228. I did not want a diet, I wanted a lifestyle change. Jason was great for me. 6+ months later I have lost over 20 pounds!

I have always been fairly active (play hockey, backpack, walk daily, etc..) and eat fairly well.

Jason helped me identify certain foods to reduce, not eliminate. I eat what I want and now know what foods were causing me to gain weight, so I reduce them, but still eat ice cream occasionally. I wanted a lifestyle and he helped me do that.

He also helped me identify ways to increase my activity level in ways to reduce weight. Jason is great to work with, listens to what I have to say, gives great advice, and is optimistic throughout. Thanks Jason

Jim Peacock

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